Hi, I'm João

Hello, my name is João Silva, and I am the founder of Surf Seixe Academy. I was born in Odeceixe and spent all my life connected to the sea. I am a lifeguard swimmer, and I worked as such on Odeceixe beach for 8 years of my life. I practice bodyboarding and surfing, and I studied sports sciences with a specialty in Sports Training in Surf, which gives me the II degree of coach of Surf by the Portuguese Federation of Surf. I teach surf and bodyboard with soul and heart, and academic knowledge without forgetting the fun.

The Team

João Silva

Head coach & CEO

Melody Iacopino

Manager Assistant

Why Us?

Certified Instructures

We only work with FPS certified trainers

Certified Lifeguard

Our coaches are certified with the Swimmer lifeguard course

Great conditions for all levels

The conditions that the beach of Odeceixe offers you to practice surfing and bodyboarding, are great for all levels

Great weather

Involved by a microclimate, the beach of Odeceixe offers about 300 days of sunshine a year

We are local

In addition to knowing the Odeceixe beach very well, we have been able to provide you with a genuine experience

Best Equipments on the market

We use only the best boards and the best suits to make your experience unique

More than 500 Satisfied Customers

Differentiated education

Different classes for different levels


We provide the transfer to the beach and back home